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Alexander Raytchev

„A piano tells“

Life, being human – there are so many emotions, colors, moods. Composers have always tried to put all of this into words through their music. Alexander Raytchev invites classical composers such as Chopin or Mozart, but also new masters like Philipp Glass or Ludovico Einaudi to sit down with him at his piano to talk about their dramas and moments of happiness, their colors, sounds, voices. In the course of the evening, Raytchev also draws with his own tones following the tradition of these masters. He creates a kind of sound bridge between eras, carrying us off to experience and dream in a world full of emotions. Piano is the gateway to the soul and shows us the way to new musical worlds. When asked who he likes best – Chopin or Mozart, Beethoven or Einaudi, Raytchev answers – “Somehow we are all just good friends in the end” and lets the piano sounds speak for themselves.

„Klangwolke“ - Sound Cloud

The Klangwolke (Sound Cloud) program has been delighting audiences since 2011. The idea was born together with the Hamburg Planetarium to organize an open-air concert on full moon evenings during the summer months. With his colleague Cord Brandis, Alexander Raytchev presents a mixture of chill-out electronics and spherical piano sounds. Live improvisations flow into fully composed works, allowing listeners to experience the magic of a full moon night in a completely new way. What started out as an insider tip has since become a hugely popular event on the large lawn in front of the planetarium, with several thousand captivated listeners. The Klangwolke program can also be booked for closed spaces; supplemented by surreal video projections and lighting effects, the music lets the listener’s soul relax.

Purpose - a universe full of dreams

Music is the great opportunity to get in touch with the world, but above all with oneself. The Hamburg pianist Alexander Raytchev is deeply convinced of this philosophy. Playing the piano, he makes our sadness and euphoria resonate just as much as our wishes and hopes. But this inner dialogue cannot be forced. “My intention is to invite us to dream,” says Alexander Raytchev, who is, among other things, the house pianist at the Hamburg Planetarium. His compositions between classical music and electronic sounds take listeners to a place beyond mere functioning. Where our thoughts and feelings can unfold freely. This is the purpose of his music, a “Purpose” as he has named his latest album. Alexander Raytchev is an entertaining as well as subtle crossover artist who appeals to a multi-layered audience with his intimate concerts. He blends his influences, which he draws from poetry and pop culture, philosophy and astronomy, as well as travel and landscapes, into organic-sounding arrangements. A piece like “Auf der Suche” is characterized by dark staccato that oscillates between delicate audition and rage. “Einsamkeit,” on the other hand, combines spoken-word lyricism with gently intoned piano. Indicative of the complexity Alexander Raytchev puts into his music is the melancholy drifting “Zwischen den Ozeanen”. “In this composition I tell of the commuting between worlds. Between reality and fiction, everyday life and the extraordinary, pressure and self-determination.” An inspiring exchange to which Alexander Raytchev heartily invites his audience. Translated with (free version)